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Introducing Dark Labs P.I.M.P. – The Stimulant-Free Preworkout Powerhouse!

Dark Labs P.I.M.P. is a cutting-edge dietary supplement designed to take your workouts to a whole new level without the jitters or energy crashes associated with stimulant-based preworkouts. This powerful formula contains a synergistic blend of scientifically researched ingredients to enhance your performance and deliver exceptional results.

Flavors and Servings: Dark Labs P.I.M.P. comes in two tantalizingly delicious flavors: Sour Cherry and Green Apple, ensuring that you look forward to each preworkout session. With 20 servings per container, you can fuel your workouts for a significant period, allowing you to crush your fitness goals consistently.

Key Ingredients:

  • L-Citrulline (10,000 mg):

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in the urea cycle, converting ammonia into urea in the liver. As a performance-enhancing supplement, L-Citrulline is known for its ability to increase nitric oxide (NO) production, leading to improved blood flow and enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles. This increased blood flow can aid in reducing exercise-induced fatigue and improving exercise performance.

Athletes often use L-Citrulline to boost endurance, delay fatigue, and support muscle recovery. Its vasodilatory properties also contribute to better muscle pump during workouts.

We used extremely high dose 10g of L-Citrulline to maximize the effects.


  • HydroPrime® (2,500 mg):

HydroPrime is a high-quality, water-soluble form of glycerol, a compound known for its osmolytic properties. When ingested, it attracts and retains water, leading to improved hydration levels within muscle cells. Adequate hydration is essential for optimal athletic performance, and HydroPrime can help athletes maintain better fluid balance during intense physical activity.

The increased cell hydration can also contribute to a fuller muscle appearance during workouts, enhancing the muscle pump effect.


  • Nitrosigine® (1,500 mg):

Nitrosigine® is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate developed by Nutrition 21. It is a popular ingredient in sports nutrition supplements and is known for its potential benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. Nitrosigine is designed to enhance nitric oxide (NO) production in the body, leading to improved blood flow and increased nutrient delivery to muscles during exercise.

One of the primary benefits of Nitrosigine® for athletes is its ability to promote vasodilation. When consumed, Nitrosigine increases the production of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator that helps widen blood vessels. This expanded blood flow can enhance the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to working muscles during physical activity. As a result, athletes may experience improved endurance, reduced fatigue, and better overall performance during their workouts.

Furthermore, Nitrosigine® plays a crucial role in the muscle pump experienced during intense exercise. The increased blood flow caused by vasodilation results in a greater volume of blood being delivered to the muscles, leading to a feeling of fullness and tightness in the muscles. This muscle pump not only creates a satisfying sensation for athletes but also supports muscle growth and recovery.

In the context of bodybuilding, Nitrosigine’s® benefits are particularly advantageous. The improved blood flow to muscles during training ensures that they receive an ample supply of nutrients, including amino acids, which are essential for muscle repair and growth. Additionally, the enhanced vasodilation can contribute to better nutrient uptake and utilization, aiding in the recovery process and reducing the risk of overtraining.

In summary, Nitrosigine® is a valuable supplement for athletes and bodybuilders due to its ability to enhance nitric oxide production, promote vasodilation, and improve blood flow. These effects translate to increased endurance, reduced fatigue, better muscle pumps, and improved nutrient delivery, making it a useful addition to a well-rounded sports nutrition regimen.


  • Agmatine (1,000 mg):

Agmatine is derived from the amino acid arginine and acts as a neuromodulator in the brain. As an athletic supplement, Agmatine is believed to enhance NO synthesis, promoting vasodilation and increased blood flow to muscles. This can lead to improved nutrient and oxygen delivery, resulting in enhanced muscle pump during workouts. Additionally, Agmatine may support pain relief and reduce inflammation, allowing athletes to push through strenuous training sessions more comfortably.


  • VasoDrive-AP® (504 mg):

Vasodrive-AP is a powerful vasorelaxant that promotes blood vessel dilation, enhancing circulation and nutrient delivery to muscles. This ingredient supports optimal oxygen and nutrient supply, reducing fatigue and improving endurance.

Supported by over 30 published studies, including numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials, VasoDrive-AP helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels and promotes arterial elasticity. Additionally, it enhances exercise performance, aids in recovery, and supports cognitive function.

VasoDrive-AP’s benefits include improving arterial flexibility, supporting glucose utilization, reducing inflammation, promoting cerebral blood flow, and decreasing exercise-related fatigue and muscle soreness. It provides a long-term solution for optimal intra-workout pump and post-workout recovery.

  • Sea Salt (500 mg):

Rich in essential minerals, sea salt helps replenish electrolytes lost during intense workouts, maintaining proper fluid balance and preventing cramping.

  • L-Norvaline (300 mg):

L-Norvaline is an amino acid that inhibits arginase, allowing for increased arginine levels and prolonged nitric oxide production. This aids in sustaining muscle pumps and promoting improved blood flow.

  • AstraGin® (50 mg):

AstraGin is a patented blend of astragalus membranaceus and panax notoginseng extracts that enhances nutrient absorption. By boosting the uptake of key ingredients, AstraGin ensures maximum efficacy and results from Dark Labs P.I.M.P.!!


Dark Labs PIMP Supplement factsWhether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Dark Labs P.I.M.P. is the perfect stimulant-free preworkout to elevate your performance, enhance endurance, and achieve unparalleled muscle pumps. Say goodbye to stimulant jitters and embrace the power of science-backed ingredients to dominate your workouts like never before. Take your fitness journey to the next level with Dark Labs P.I.M.P.!


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