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bioTEST  takes testosterone enhancement to a new level, promoting lean muscle gains through a series of several ultra-high potencies, cutting edge standardized extracts. bioTEST will optimize muscle gains while promoting a lean, dense physique. You’ll swear you’re on the strongest prohormones, with the knowledge that it’s all natural and safe.

 Testosterone Amplifier
By dramatically enhancing luteinizing hormone, bioTEST sends a signal to enhance natural testosterone production, leading to increased lean muscle, better recovery, body fat loss, etc.

 Increase Lean Mass 
Testosterone is the most powerful hormone in your body for increasing lean mass. By "naturally" enhancing your body's own production, you will notice positive effects within the first 7-10 days.

 Promote Muscle Hardness
20-hydroxyecdysterone drives nutrients into the muscle cell, promoting a more dense, lean physique. You will definitely feel tighter while on bioTEST. 

 Stimulate Protein Synthesis 
Increased protein synthesis means better utilization of your protein intake, meaning better recovery, more lean muscle, etc. 

 Boost Libido 
bioTEST has an array of dosage dependent ingredients that will enhance blood flow, sexual performance, stamina, as well as libido. 

 Enhance Well Being 
bioTEST just makes you feel better in every aspect of your training. It's the most complete formula for addressing all aspects of how you look and feel. 

 Safe for women 
Not surprisingly, half the users of bioTEST are women. This truly amazing formula helps with recovery, strength, prevents overtraining, and most importantly, helps the user obtain a tighter looking physique.

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